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The Vanguard, now open.

The Vanguard is now open on Duncan Street.

The people behind the wonderful Domino Club have opened a new bar in Leeds, The Vanguard.
It operates as a café & coffee shop during the day and a bar at night.

On their food menu you can find must try dishes such as their Fried Chicken Sandwich, a buttermilk chicken thigh fried in their secret blend of herbs & spices, served with Sriracha mayo or their special Omelette Arnold Bennett. An omelette with smoked haddock and topped with a bacon crumb, this dish was actually invented at The Savoy Hotel in the 1920’s, made especially for Arnold Bennett while he was staying there researching a book he was writing!

On their cocktail menu you can find a wide variety of creative and classic cocktails, such as a traditional margarita-on the rocks-with a salt rim, there’s no need to worry about ordering classic cocktails that aren’t on the menu either as they promise their bar team know what they’re doing and more than comfortable making cocktails on request.

Make sure you also head to their page on Facebook and give them a like too.
You can find it HERE.

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