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Gin-Infused Bingo Returns to Leeds… tonight!!

Pouring a large measure of hedonistic fun, mixed with fast dabbing, challenges, dares and prizes, is Gingo-Bingo, which returns to Leeds tonight, offering a new, and refreshingly unique gin-inspired games night for big kids, and gin lovers.

Hosted by ‘Tim & Tonic’, the larger than life host, asks guests to “forget about the balls, because it’s all about the gin on these calling cards!” That’s right – instead of numbers, it is gin brands that are called, from Tanqueray to Tailors, Hendricks to Slingsby. Dab a consecutive line and win a prize, get a full house and win the grand prize of a Gin Masterclass for 4 worth over £100.

Infused with tailor-made botanical fun, are the challenges, which vary from tailor-making your own garment out of a bin liner, to answering gin based trivia, striking a mannequin pose and the bowler hat swap!

Renowned for their quirky nature and interactive environment, Tailors – the secret speakeasy, which comes alive at weekends, plays host to the monthly gin-infused bingo night, where there is more confetti cannons than you can shake a piñata at! Guests are encouraged to arrive dressed in glitter and razzmatazz (which could also win you a prize!) but fear not – there are also costume rails and a trunk full of hats if you want to jazz up your work suit.

Join revellers, 7pm-11pm where the challenge is set, to see how fast you can dab, win big prizes, including gin, a cocktail masterclass for 4, inflatables, and much more.

This is a ticket only event, which includes 2 games, dabber and plenty of prizes!
Head HERE for last minute tickets!

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